New Member Application Personal Info
Active (Full License) Member: Practicing member must have maintained 1,000 hours over the previous five year period and have graduated from an approved Canadian education program. (Application Fees are $100 and 2021 Dues are $400). Must provide proof of insurance.
Associate Member: Must have been previously licensed. Ideal for those on leaves of absence. Allows registrant to continue to sit on Committees and continue to receive communications. (Application Fees are $100 and 2021 Dues are $200)
Student: Application Fee is $0 and 2020 Dues are $25
Out of Province Registrant: (Licensed Members from Other Canadian Colleges) (Application Fees are $100 and 2021 Dues are $400)
If you are a New Graduate or an International Applicant please first apply at then once you have been approved by CAASPR, please return to this page and apply as an Active Member:

Please Note: Associate and Student members are not licensed to practice.