Governance: Board and Committees

Board of Directors 

At the start-up of the College, members of the Executive Committee of SHANS are serving as members of the Board of Directors. However, within one year of the enactment of the College, elections must occur. 

The Board will be composed of seven persons from the professions and four public representatives. The professional members include a President stream involving a three-year term (President Elect, President and Past-President). 

Four professional members will be members-at-large, serving a two-year term. The Board provides leadership and guides the functioning of the College including licensing and professional conduct review. 

To ensure broad representation, the Board requires at least two audiologists, and two speech-language pathologists, and two practicing clinicians from the education system and two from the public health system. The public representatives will be appointed by the government and must not be a member of the professions (previously or currently). 

Finally, the Board has a non-voting part-time paid Registrar. The Registrar is responsible for overseeing membership registration and annual membership renewal, issuing licenses and participating in the complaints process.  The registrar will attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and represent the College provincially and federally.  

Members of the Board

President – Patricia Cleave
President-Elect - Nancy Blake
Past President – Vacant
Treasurer – Ed Corbett 
Director - Michael Everett
Director - Dana Ferguson
Director - Pamela Coulter
Director - Renena Joy
Director - Jenna Mackay
Public Member - Amanda Boyd 
Public Member - Amanda R. Knight
Public Member – P. Earl Muise
Registrar – Cindy Wheeler 


Registration Related Committees 

Registration Committee:  This committee reviews registration of members that the Registrar cannot approve outright.  The committee includes one public representative, one audiologist and one speech-language pathologist. 

Registration Appeal Committee: In the case of an appeal of registration, this committee reviews the Registration Committee decisions.  It includes one public representative, one audiologist, and one speech-language pathologist. 

Disciplinary Committees 

Disciplinary committees are formed in response to complaints as needed. Complaints can be resolved in a number of ways as outlined in the Regulations. These committees, have a common pool of 9-12 people. When a complaint is filed, appropriate panels will be formed from this pool, as follows: 

Fitness to Practice Committee deals with issues of professional competence. 

Reinstatement Committee oversees restoring clinicians to their eligibility to practice. 

Investigation Committee receive cases referred by the Registrar and/or the Fitness to Practice Committee to be investigated for professional misconduct and to take disciplinary actions. 

Independent Review Committee provides review of disciplinary decisions at the request of the complainant.  

Investigation Panel investigates complaints. 

Professional Conduct Committee provides an avenue for review of settlement proposals or if not, providing a full hearing.  

Other Committees 

The Nominations Committee oversees elections and nominations of the College 

Cerumen Management Committee determines training certification requirements to practice cerumen management for Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Practitioners (HIP).  This committee is made up of one Hearing Instrument Practitioner (HIP), one audiologist and one Otolaryngologist.