Helpful links and resources for speech-language pathology

Helpful links about speech-language pathology




Autism Awareness Centre (Edmonton, Alberta) provides information about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and lists of upcoming conferences related to ASD


Autism Nova Scotia's website provides information about Autism Spectrum Disorders and available programs, support, and upcoming events in Nova Scotia


Register with Autism Speaks to learn more about the features of Autism Spectrum Disorders through hundreds of video clips Free software package designed specifically for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders:


Hearing impairment

A free online video dictionary of thousands of words in American Sign Language


Position Paper on Cochlear Implants in Children:


Canadian Association of the Deaf:



Provides information on larynx cancer treatments, surgery, recovery, and what life is like after laryngectomy surgery.


Nova Scotia Department of Health:


Speech and Language

If you are concerned about a child’s speech development, you can take an easy on-line questionnaire to see if a professional assessment is indicated.

Richmond Public Library Speech Checklist:


Links to information about speech and language development and various disorder areas: Cerebral Palsy Guide:


The Hardin M.D. directory of Speech Pathology Links:


The Hanen Early Language Program – for parent training in early language development:



Canadian Stuttering Association



A compilation of websites that provide materials and activities for speech/language therapy, organized by disorder area (e.g., stuttering, apraxia, swallowing, speech sound disorders); it also highlights interactive websites, bulletin boards, and commercial sites:


Created by an Australian speech-language pathologist, and includes links, FAQ’s, discussion groups, and articles on diverse topics, (e.g., speech-language development milestones, phonological disorders, tongue-tie, and word-retrieval difficulties), mostly written for the general public:


A ‘fact sheet’ titled “Info. about Speech and Language Disorders”, produced by the National Information Centre for Children and Youth with Disabilities (US); it includes definitions, characteristics, educational implications and links:



University of Victoria website, describing “an ongoing program of community-university research contributing to knowledge about conditions affecting the health and development of indigenous children in Canada and around the world;” includes some projects in the areas of language development and facilitation with First Nations children: